This institution is 100% owned by Government.  The institution has entered into a Management Contract with Management and Development International Company (MDIC).  The objectives of the Management Contract are to improve the internal management systems and controls of SIERRATEL; improve the efficiency, productivity, customs service delivery, capacity building and overall financial nd operational performance and ensure that systems and processes are developed and put in place.  The contract is for a duration of three years.  The Ministry should study the management contract in detail and liaise with the National Commission for Privatisation to ensure that the benchmarks are met.

Dedicated National Information System (DNIS)

The DNIS is put in place to forestall threats to security management for telecommunications network.  Government of Sierra Leone signed a contract with ZTE Corporation of China on 9th May 2008 to fully deliver a turn-key Dedicated Security Information Systems.  The project is funded by a concessional loan from the Chinese Government, through the EXIM Bank of China to the tune of USD15,000,000.

The current phase of the project consists of 34 sites.  It covers Magburaka, Makeni, Lunsar, Rosint, Lungi, Mile 91, Bumbuna, Port Loko, Pepel, Rorinka, Rural and Urban Freetown, Moyamba, Bo, Kandi Mountain, Kenema, Kambia Hills and Mano  

The Project has an implementation Unit with 20 staff comprising a Coordinator, Project Manager, Accountant, enginers, twelve technicians and office assistants. The greatest challenge facing the project is funding – operational, salary and maintenance costs.  The Ministry and the project should look into the challenge in detail and make appropriate recommendations.